June CSFF Blog Tour Day 3: Vanish, by Tom Pawlik

…all work and no play makes Fred a dull boy…all Work aNd no Play maKes freD a dull boy…aLl woRK AND no plAy…

Oh..ahem…er…Hi! Welcome to Day 3 of the CSFF Blog Tour’s descent into the madness of Tom Pawlik’s Vanish. I’m having a little issue with writer’s block right now, so while I’m holed up in this drafty hotel waiting for inspiration, I’ll take a look at what the other folks on the tour are saying about Mr. Pawlik’s suspenseful story of missing persons and lost souls.

Hey, kid! How many times do I have to tell you to quit writing on the mirrors with lipstick? Sheesh, always the same thing…”redrum, redrum, redrum.”

Moving right along…

It’s the Gateway Into Mordor, Mister Frodo!: Keenan Brand finds a connection to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings that I never would have suspected, and backs it up with a fanboy confession from Pawlik in Rebecca Miller’s interview.  I want this man on my Ghostbusters team.

Short, Sharp Shocks: Amy Cruson reports that Vanish‘s short chapters facilitate reading for those of us tending little monsters of our own. She was able to stop whenever she needed to, without losing the thread of the story, and was satisfyingly shocked & awed at the end.

Jack Chick’s Got Nothing on Tom Pawlik: Stacy Dale plans to leave a copy of Vanish in her office lunchroom as a conversation starter. Good on ya, Stacy. Prayers and best wishes, and let us know how it turns out.

It’s Okay, Beth, We’re All Big Honkin’ Chickens: Beth Goddard nearly tossed the book out the window in an acute attack of xenophobia, but bravely soldiered on and became soundly hooked into the story. Once she put her reviewer hat back on, she found the story’s three-character point-of-view rotation a little annoying, but it didn’t blunt her determination to finish the book and find out what happens, despite a few story-induced nightmares.

Of course, it always starts with the nightmares, right before they come to get you in the middle of the night…

There’s No School Like the Old School: John W. Otte (The least-read blog on the Web? Not for long.) delivers a spoilerific Day 2 post that makes a very convincing (at least for me) connection between Vanish and C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce, and recommends Lewis if you want to seriously explore these themes, Pawlik if you want the rock ‘n roll thrill-ride condensed version. Love the ‘zilla spoiler-warning sign, John.

The Subject Matter Expert Never Dies, Because Somebody Has to Explain What Happened: If you’re looking for a more serious literary-type review of Vanish that gets into the nuts-and-bolts, I recommend Steve Rice’s, Christa Richey’s, Chawna Schroeder’s, and Rachel Starr Thomson’s posts. I also recommend standing close to them during any attack by monsters, aliens, or supernatural creatures.

That concludes my contribution to this month’s Tour. There’s an odd fog building up outside, and I should probably go investigate.  Or not.

Next month’s selection takes us back to the lab for some dark doings in the world of genetic research, as we read Karen Hancock’s Enclave. And yes, I will read the book this time, provided it doesn’t get Vanished. See you then!

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*Featured book, Vanish – http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1414318936
*New release, Valley of the Shadow – http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1414326793

Tom Pawlik’s Web site – http://www.tompawlik.com/
Tom Pawlik’s blog – http://www.tompawlik.com/blog.htm

7 thoughts on “June CSFF Blog Tour Day 3: Vanish, by Tom Pawlik

    1. Thanks, Rachel, and nice job yourself. I enjoy reviews, like yours, that dig a little deeper into the themes and issues of the story.

      (moving ever so slightly to keep Rachel between him and the alien invaders)

    1. Aw, man, I thought that was trenchant social commentary. Okay, I take it all back.

      Actually, I really enjoy the way you leaven the serious stuff with humor. Spoonful of sugar and all that. Plus, there’s always something deep in there that makes me think. The discussion on the nature of life and death this time is a perfect example.

  1. Fred, tell me your copy of The Enclave has arrived. I got mine some while ago. I don’t want that one disappearing into postal purgatory too!

    Another great post. You outdid yourself this month. Posting so knowledgeably despite the handicap of not having the book took considerable research! Kudos on you!


    1. I’m not sure about Enclave…I’m away from home on a work trip right now, and sometimes things come in the mail while I’m away and get tossed into my inbox pending my return. I’ll ask my wife if she’s seen it yet.

      This was a fun tour…I really wasn’t expecting to take it as far as I did, but it’s amazing what a combination of sleep deprivation and caffeine can do.

      As always, it’s great to have a chance to check out books that aren’t usually my cup of tea. I guess I’ve been a bit of a snob in past years with regard to Christian fiction, but the tour has broadened my horizons and introduced me to some very fine authors and stories. Thanks!

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