June CSFF Blog Tour, Day 2: Vanish, by Tom Pawlik

In an abandoned plantation house, somewhere amid the haunted bayous of the Deep South…

<sszzsst> “Dwayne, ah got somthin’ strange on this here EMT meter…she’s jumpin’ ’round like all get out. I think we got us some gen-u-wine para-sy-cotic activity here.”

<sszzsst>”Billy, please tell me you ain’t standin’ by that there junction box again.”

<sszzsst>”Oops. Sorry, Dwayne.”

As I continue my non-review review of Tom Pawlik’s Vanish, I’m finding it difficult to find independent commentary on the story, largely due to the diligent contributions of our intrepid CSFF Blog Tour. Like Billy and Dwayne, my advanced technological sensors are struggling to deal with strong local signals that make The Voices From Beyond hard to isolate.

I’ll keep trying. Perhaps in this dark closet…

Whoah. Scary. In the Library Reviews gives Vanish “9 gargoyles” (presumably out of 10). “Vanish suspends reality over a solidly scriptural base for a story that will topple readers into a dazzling truth. Once that first page is turned, a dimension with Divine significance is opened-and there’s no place to go but forward.”

Okay, slow, deep breaths, and repeat after me: It’s fiction, not doctrine. It’s fiction, not doctrine. It’s fiction, not doctrine.

Here’s a dusty parlor with an odd wooden box on the table. Wait–that’s no box, it’s LibraryThing! (with a name like that, how can I pass it up?)  Gives Vanish 2.5 stars, says it borrows from a variety of sources, but is “not derivative,” has “an impressive twist” that boosts an “otherwise average book,” with a “definite screenplay feel.”

Why, thank you, LibraryThing! Send my regards to Cousin Itt.

Ah, a neglected rose garden with some unusual blooms. Are they whispering something in the pale moonlight? A Weak Rose provides a play-by-play of her journey through Vanish. Fun stuff. Starts out ho-hum, but she slowly gets hooked in, until…wait for it…”my husband walked in unexpectedly from work and I jumped a mile in the air, because I was in the house with the characters in the book as the “things” were trying to get them!”

Now that’s a signal from Beyond that tells me something about the book.

Checking the cellar now. C’mon, you always have to check the cellar. It’s in the rules. Anyhow, from The Land Down Under (that’s Australia, not Hades), Relz Reviewz reports she couldn’t put the book down. “I felt the pain of each character as they were faced with the enormity of past mistakes. Their fear was palpable and their desperation to escape the creatures was as tangible as if it were my own.”

Another review that tells me Pawlik knows how to get inside a reader’s head. That’s an important skill for a suspense writer, and a good indication that this is a book worth checking out…Put the book down, Rel. For the love of humanity, put the book down!!!

I tracked quite a few other reviews through the forest, like Sasquatch prints, back to the river…you guessed it…Amazon.com. There were lots of duplicate postings of reviews I read yesterday on Amazon. Nothing wrong with that, but it got a little frustrating after reading for the fifth time, from the same reviewer, that if I like Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker, I’ll love Vanish

<sszzsst>”Dwayne, d’ya think there might be ghosts inside that there junction box?”

<sszzsst>”Stop thinkin’, Billy…you’re gonna hurt yourself.”

Rather than try to fight the magnetic power of the CSFF Blog Tour any more, I’ll take a look tomorrow at what other folks on the tour are saying about Vanish. Until then, you can check them out yourself–but don’t split up, and whatever you do, if you value your life, no kissing in the old boathouse. You’ve been warned.

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*Featured book, Vanish – http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1414318936
*New release, Valley of the Shadow – http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1414326793

Tom Pawlik’s Web site – http://www.tompawlik.com/
Tom Pawlik’s blog – http://www.tompawlik.com/blog.htm

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