July CSFF Blog Tour Day 1: Starlighter, by Bryan Davis


Jason Masters and the other inhabitants of Major Four, one of eighteen worlds that circle the star Solarus, are taught that dragons are mythical creatures, the stuff of old-wives’ tales and stories told by firelight to frighten children. Belief in real dragons who travel to Major Four through a mystical portal to steal humans is strictly forbidden, a crime of treason against the State.

Meanwhile, on planet Starlight, Koren is a slave, a descendant of humans rescued from the horror of another world, Darksphere, by Starlight’s benevolent dragon overlords. Or so the story goes. She dreams of a better life in a land where humans can enjoy true freedom–but rebellion against the dragons means certain death.

Jason is about to learn that the old legends are true. Koren will soon discover a reason to hope for rescue from the dragons’ oppressive rule–and the power to make her dreams reality. The fates of these two young people are intertwined, in a way neither of them could ever imagine. As for the dragons, their prophecy of a powerful new prince who will usher in a golden age of prosperity is about to be fulfilled.

Unfortunately, that shining utopia has no room for humans.

Bryan Davis’ Starlighter is the first volume of an epic saga of adventure, courage, and desperate hope spanning two worlds at once familiar and alien. With dragons.

Tomorrow, I’ll ponder Starlighter‘s portrayal of the dragon, perhaps the most enigmatic creature in the literary pantheon, as well as the many questions this story raises about heroism, technology, slavery, faith, and the fuzzy borderland between science fiction and fantasy. It will be profound and illuminating!

Or maybe I’ve been breathing too much pheterone (Don’t try googling that. Read the book).

Anyhow, until then, take a look at what the other intrepid scribes in this month’s CSFF Blog Tour are saying about Starlighter.

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7 thoughts on “July CSFF Blog Tour Day 1: Starlighter, by Bryan Davis

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Bryan. We love it when the authors jump in and mix it up with us. I enjoyed Starlighter very much and am looking forward to the next book!

  1. Love this introduction, Fred. Great stuff. I’m looking forward to what you have to say about each of these.

    It is interesting to read a book Bryan has authored in which dragons are apparently the bad guys in contrast to Dragons in Our Midst.


    1. I haven’t read the other series, but I thought Starlighter presented a rather sophisticated depiction of dragons, with lots of conflicting motivations, hidden agendas, and ethical conflicts. Lots more about that tomorrow. 🙂

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