Taking the Plunge

Okay, it’s official now.  I’ve signed a contract with Splashdown Books for the publication of my novel, The Muse.  We’re planning to roll it out near the end of this year, and I’ll post periodic updates here and on the Splashdown Books blog.  For anybody who missed it, I discussed the events that led up to this announcement in a post linked here.

Publisher Grace Bridges lists me as a writer of “fantasy and spiritual thrillers,” and I suppose that’s as good a label as any for my novel. I think it’s got something for everybody–mystery, suspense, humor, adventure, action, horror, romance, and underlying values that affirm faith, family, and loyalty. It’s the story of a frustrated author who finds his muse, but the inspiration she provides is nothing like what he expected, and it just might kill him–before he knows it, he’s fighting for his soul, against forces beyond imagination.

I encourage you to follow the Splashdown Books blog. It’s a unique opportunity to observe the progress of a new publisher and a first-time novelist from inception to final product. Grace and I will be providing regular updates on our experiences and will be glad to answer any questions you may have. There will be side-splitting comedy, moments of sheer terror, heart-wrenching despair, and soaring triumphs! Hey, this could be a novel all by itself.


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