Book Review: Discovery, by Karina Fabian

Discovery takes place in the near-future, as humanity is pushing out into the Solar System, has established major habitats in Earth orbit, on the Moon and on Mars, and has begun commercial mining operations in the Asteroid Belt. Zero-gee is a great equalizer for workers in space, where coordination and balance often trump physical strength.… Read More Book Review: Discovery, by Karina Fabian

2015 Hugo Award Nominees: Links

In the interest of facilitating the evaluation of Hugo Award nominated stories on their own merits, especially by folks who may not be willing and/or able to attend Worldcon/Sasquan in person or pay $40 for a supporting-voting membership and the review package that comes with it,** here are links to the fiction nominees (short story, novelette, novella, novel), several of which may… Read More 2015 Hugo Award Nominees: Links