The Trolliest Trolling Ever Trolled

I noted in my last post that what really matters about the Hugo Award controversy is what people decide to do moving forward. The answer came at Worldcon’s final business meeting. Constitutional changes awaiting ratification at the 2016 Worldcon to take effect for 2017 would install an Australian-type preference-weighted system for the nomination ballot (similar… Read More The Trolliest Trolling Ever Trolled

Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Writers

Because you can never be ineffective enough… 1. Be unteachable. Genius is always unappreciated, and the towering lighthouse of your  intellect dwarfs the feeble mental candle of your peers. Be not deceived–advice is a thinly-veiled attempt to make you ordinary. 2. Cultivate a thin skin. The only possible reason for others to criticize your writing… Read More Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Writers