2016 Timetable

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” — Benjamin Franklin

conductorLooking over last year’s statistics for this blog, my inconsistent posting stands out as a huge problem. I’ve been unable to keep the train running on even subjective time, much less a reliable calendar.

Every railway needs a timetable. Here’s the one I’m going to follow this year, starting today:

Monday: Sidetracks (randomness, cool stories, commentary on whatever’s bouncing around inside my head.

Tuesday: Otaku Tuesday (anime, manga, animation, comics, graphic novels, gaming)

Wednesday: No Place Like Home (local/Kansas stuff)

Thursday: Science! and Technology!

Friday: Follow Friday (writers/artists of interest and book reviews)

Saturday: Flex Time (open slot for a missed day, guest blogs, something special, or nothing at all)

Sunday: No blogging. At all.

That’s the plan. I’ve tried to retain some flexibility within the structure, and if you’d like me to write about something you don’t see on the schedule, I can make it happen.

Five days a week, probably shorter posts than my previous average, but more consistent posts. Let’s see if I can keep this train on schedule.

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