I’m taking a blogging class from WordPress this month. I’m mostly looking for some fresh ideas.  Assignment #1 is to post an introduction to my blog, say hello, maybe list some goals for the year.


Did I mention I was hoping for fresh ideas?

Okay, fine. Hellooo out there…there…there….

As to what this blog is all about, here’s the gist of the mission statement I offered in my very first post:

Stream of consciousness, no cause, no agenda, no method to my madness.  I’ll probably make some observations about whatever happens to be on my mind on a given day.

Eight years later, I still don’t know what it’s about. Book reviews, movie reviews, topical posts, confessionals, stories, rants, satire, cultural commentary, sports, humor, religion, anime, family, travel…nothing consistently attracts and keeps readers. I’m grateful for the handful of loyal followers I have, particularly the two or three who aren’t family, but my traffic doesn’t vary much whether I’m posting or not. The statistics are utterly unremarkable.

I aimed at randomness and struck my target squarely in the bullseye.

So, I’m background noise, it’s my own fault, and I’m okay with that. Background noise is necessary for good things to happen. It provides a baseline for identifying the exceptional. That which rises above the background noise is, by definition, signal. Without background noise, we wouldn’t know what’s worth a listen.

I could probably do better if I renamed myself Dash Blasterson and chronicled the troubled life of Chuffins, my gender-fluid cat. In Esperanto. Maybe I’ll try that.

Maybe I won’t.

No, I think I’ll keep throwing my random spaghetti against the wall, waiting for something to stick. If you care to hang around and wait with me, welcome. I’ll try to make it worth your while. Browse around, peruse the archive (there’s eight years of un-mined gold in there, I’m telling you), and see if there’s something that strikes your fancy. If so, tell me about it, and I’ll be happy to revisit the topic.




One thought on “Re-Introduction

  1. Enjoy your writing…may go over my head at times, but I appreciate what a nice writer you are. Let’s have another novel. 🙂

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