Top Ten Greenpeace Excuses for Vandalizing the Nazca Lines

nazca-greenpeaceAn ill-considered publicity stunt timed to coincide with last week’s UN Climate Talks held in Lima, Peru, has left environmental activist organization Greenpeace with egg on its collective face. Protesters tramped through a restricted area and damaged a portion of the Nazca Lines, a huge but delicate collection of ancient geoglyphs occupying a plateau south of Lima. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and archaeological treasure.

Greenpeace has apologized for the incident, but the government of Peru isn’t satisfied, and the perpetrators will undoubtedly have some explaining to do when they return to Greenpeace headquarters.

I imagine their excuses might run something like this:

10. “Nobody told us it was a World Heritage Site. By the way…what is a World Heritage Site?”

9. “We couldn’t find a place to hang the sign in Lima. There was some big international conference going on.”

8. “The Incas vandalized it first!”

7. “A hummingbird? Pfft. My 3-year-old draws better than that.”

6. “The Sea Shepherds double-dared us.”

5. “No whales were injured in the protest, so it’s all good, right?”

4. “Here’s the thing…Windstrider and Flutterpetal neglected to tell us they have really big feet.”

3. “If you ask me, we improved it.”

2. “Peru should be thanking us for the extra media attention.”

1. “Relax. Two more years of global warming, and the whole thing will be underwater anyhow.”




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