I’m reading more than writing this year, which is what usually happens when my creative batteries are recharging. A recent trip to the library has me plowing through Greg Bear’s dimension-twisting hard sci-fi epic Eon, with Connie Willis’ time-travel novel Doomsday Book on-deck. Eon is feeling a bit dated—it published in 1985, and Bear chose to specifically set his story in 2005, so it must now be read as alternative history rather than near-future speculation. Full review coming soon.

I’ve also found some interesting things worth following on the internets. Here are a few of them:


Tweet!There’s a lot going on in space these days, and the various space exploration agencies and their project teams are chatting up a storm on Twitter. @NASA and @esaoperations provide overview information and updates on live briefings and events from NASA and the European Space Agency, and they retweet specific project updates of interest. @MarsCuriosity tracks the progress of the rover missions and tweets the latest photos from Mars. @NASAKepler follows developments in the ongoing Planetary Survey. I’ve also begun following @NASA_Dawn as it enters the last leg of its approach to asteroid Ceres, and @NASANewHorizons as it prepares to orbit Pluto. Don’t forget @ESA_Rosetta and the currently-snoozing @Philae2014 comet lander. @CassiniSaturn and @HUBBLE_space provide breathtaking photography, as do the various astronauts rotating through the International Space Station. Check out @AstroTerry, @AntonAstrey, and @AstroSamantha, who are up there right now.


Blog orangeMouse in Transition” is a fascinating series running on CartoonBrew that chronicles ten turbulent years at Disney Studios, from the departure of the Nine Old Men to the advent of Jeffrey Katzenberg, as witnessed by animation writer Steve Hulett. Updates every Wednesday. Start here —

Mara Wilson Writes Stuff: I began following this one a few days ago. Mara Wilson, best known for her work as a child actor in the movies Mrs. Doubtfire and Matilda, has always had a passion for telling stories, and she’s pretty good at it. Her first book is nearing publication, but her blog is a good read all by itself.

Medieval Otaku, “a medievalist’s perspective on anime and religion,” posts reviews of japanese animation and comments on other cultural artifacts and issues, highlighting connections of history and faith from a Christian point of view. Thoughtful and well-researched.

Table Titans: This Dungeons and Dragons-themed webcomic by Scott Kurtz intersperses the ongoing tabletop adventure of a quirky, likable group of gaming pals with readers’ “there I was…” tales of their own most memorable dungeoning moments. Fun stuff.

Advent 2014: Rev. Mark D. Roberts has posted a free Advent devotional guide that is very accessible and useful for families wishing to enrich their journey toward Christmas this year.  He offers additional commentary on his blog at


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