Buy My Friends’ Books!

Here’s some fun new stuff from some fine writers of my acquaintance:

escapeEscape, by T.M. Hunter and Lyndon Perry: Orphans on the run…in a dirigible! Lyn has been writing novellas lately like nobody’s business, and this time, he’s teamed with one of my favorite space-opera writers on a thrilling steampunk tale for younger readers. Escape is the first episode of a continuing series, The Adventures of Max McCannor.

mtdhMa Tutt’s Donut Hut, also by Lyndon Perry: Fresh from the oven, this cozy magical mystery in four parts introduces fledgling bakery owner Dolly Tutt and a most unusual cat who might just save her business, if he doesn’t destroy it first.

This is a departure from the sort of stories I’m accustomed to seeing from Lyn, and I’m anxious to read it myself.


UPDATE: Lyn is offering Ma Tutt’s Donut Hut on Kindle at a special premiere price of $1.75 this week only (through July 13). Also, check out a very cool interview about the book on Jeff Chapman’s blog.

Kynetic-Cover-Final-192x300Numb-Front-CoverNumb and Kynetic: On Target, by John W. Otte: This ink-slinging Lutheran pastor, inveterate gamer, and raconteur at large has a flair for sci-fi thrillers and comic-book adventure, and he delivers both with a pair of new offerings. Get it? Pastor…offerings…oh, never mind. In Numb, a ruthless assassin gets a new contract—but this target isn’t quite what he was expecting, and he finds himself driven for the first time to save a life rather than take it.

Kynetic: On Target is the latest book from Otte’s Failstate universe of superheroes. Kynetic is looking for a little respect—and a partnership with Failstate. Will she resort to an assist from a gang of super-villains to get what she wants?

ppOrdinary FolkProtection’s Prison and Ordinary Folk, by Kat Heckenbach: Ms. Heckenbach will soon deliver the third installment in her Toch Island Chronicles series of YA fantasy novels, but in the meantime, you can pick up Protection’s Prison, a companion novelette to the series. Magic…and forbidden love!

Kat also dabbles in horror, and Ordinary Folk is a short e-story that will give you a taste of her style in that genre. Janey’s having problems around full-moon time every month. No, not that sort of problem, the other kind. The kind with fangs and claws.


UPDATE: Even more summer reading goodness! Splashdown Books is clearing out some on-hand inventory (books that travel to conventions and such), including some of my books. The more you buy, the more you save, but once they’re gone, so is the deal.

Authors’ webpages: Lyndon Perry, T.M. Hunter, John W. Otte, Kat Heckenbach

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