Free Comic Book Day!

fcbdToday is Free Comic Book Day, which, like the name implies, is an event where comic book shops all over the world will be giving away free comic books—and they’re good ones, not the stuff that’s been moldering in some forgotten corner of the stockroom because nobody will buy it.

Check this website to find a participating store near you, a list of the comics offered, and other associated events. Many of the stores are linking up with local food banks and charities such as Harvesters International and offering additional incentives for donations (like more free comic books), so check your comic store’s website before you visit, and give generously.

avatar_comicI probably won’t make it myself, as I’ve got too many other things on my plate (dog shots, car maintenance, yard work—curse you, adulthood!), but I might lean on one of my kids to drop in and snag a copy of a comic I’ve been eagerly anticipating for a while now, a collaboration between two superb storyteller-artists I’ve featured on this page in days past, Gene Luen Yang and Faith Erin Hicks. They’ve produced the feature story in a special issue of Dark Horse’s Avatar: The Last Airbender, and it looks awesome.


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