Time to Take the Plunge: Aquasynthesis Again

Aquasynthesis AgainA brisk wind teased whitecaps from the shallow bay, but the water in the tide pool didn’t yield a ripple. It was flat and still as a sheet of glass. The old man crouched at its edge like a carrion bird, swathed in black…Stiff vertebrae crackled as he turned to inspect the moon. Kal’s pale orb was sinking below the horizon, tugging regretfully at Dysias’ watery mantle as she departed. It would be high tide soon. Time for the pool to grant its magic. Time for the visions. He rubbed his neck, kneading it back into line with more crackles and pops, then bent forward to glare at the inscrutable surface, as if he might evaporate it by sheer force of will.

And so, the stories begin. Warriors and castaways, wizards and gunslingers, pioneers and revolutionaries. Wanderers, elves, rebels, saints, and tired old men. Interstellar voyages. Monsters from outer and inner space. The end of all things…or, perhaps, the beginning.

Sixteen extraordinary visions of science fiction and fantasy from the authors of Splashdown Books, woven together within the depths of a magic pool at the edge of a vast ocean.

The time has come for Aquasynthesis…Again.

Now available in paperback at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com, E-book in Kindle. Other e-reader formats coming soon.


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