Aquasynthesis is my publisher’s literary version of the Whitman’s Sampler. You get a taste of creativity from most of the writers currently or soon to be published by Splashdown Books, a multi-national crew of guys and gals, and we expect you won’t be satisfied with just a taste. There was such a good response to last year’s Aquasynthesis collection, another will follow this year, in just a week or so.

Splashdown’s approach to the anthology is a bit different from the norm. All the stories are connected by a metanarrative, which means you get stories within a story, sort of like a big jelly doughnut.


Aquasynthesis, from Splashdown BooksAll these food analogies are making me hungry, so here’s the bottom line: we’re offering last year’s collection, Aquasynthesis Volume 1, for the low price of $5.00 in print at Amazon, the low, low price of $2.99 in Kindle at Amazon, or the even lower price of FREE in Nook at Barnes&Noble or in a variety of e-reader formats at Smashwords.

Better yet, the narrative in the first collection is continued in the second collection, so both of them together will be like a jelly doughnut sandwich with about thirty different flavors of jelly inside. Or something. Aquasynthesis 1 includes two of my short stories, “One Smile at a Time” and “The Kissing Part.” I’m providing the narration for Aquasynthesis 2, which amounts to something like a novella broken up into bite-sized pieces. Yum.

So, tempt your reading tastebuds with Aquasynthesis 1 for free or cheap while awaiting the imminent release of Aquasynthesis 2.

Catch ya later. I’m going out for doughnuts now.

UPDATE: Boy, that was fast. Aquasynthesis volume 2, Aquasynthesis Again, is now available for purchase via and in paperback and Kindle. Other E-book formats will follow soon.

2 thoughts on “Aquasynthesis…Again

  1. It was a good anthology, and it introduced me to a lot of writers. I’m a bit worried though because Splashdown hasn’t published much since.

  2. There’s more coming this year. Splashdown’s publishing schedule will probably be erratic for awhile as it continues to refine its vision and build its audience. Publisher Grace Bridges was also traveling a lot last year and ill during the last quarter, which was when a lot of books were pushed out in prior years.

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