Pardon My Dust

“Drill, ye tarriers, drill…”

I’ve completed the biennial facelift here at Frederation, which I hope is an improvement over the previous storefront, which was beginning to look a little stodgy and dated. Let me take you on a quick tour of the premises.

I’ve switched to WordPress’s classy “Choco” theme, an executive day-planner look with leather trim and stitching. Navigation remains much the same as before, with page tabs across the top and items of interest along the right side. Each post has an orange date tab on the left edge so you never lose your place in the time-space continuum.

Going back to the right side, you’ll notice the prominent orange RSS tab at the corner, which should make it easier to add this blog to your newsreader-feeder if you use one. E-mail subscription link is immediately below that. Next is the spot where each week you’ll find a thoughtful quip from some literary icon, suitable for framing or impressing folks at the water cooler.

I’ve removed the old calendar block and replaced it with quicklinks to the last five posts, in case you’ve missed a few (can’t imagine that) and want to catch up. You can browse all entries since 2008 with the Archives dropdown. Below that are my last five witty tweets or re-twits of cool bits from wittier nitwits. Finally, there’s a set of cover shots that link to my books and recent anthologies to which I’ve contributed. The stuff under the Meta tab is of no concern to anybody but me, unless you have a hankering to subscribe to posts or comments separately, in which case, be my guest.

I’m pretty happy with the new layout, but there were a couple of tradeoffs and non-optimal settings I’ll have to live with. First is no banner photo. I’ve enjoyed posting a train-related image that sets the mood for the month, but I think I can live without it, given the number of images I plug into the posts. The comments link is at the lower-right-hand corner of each post and doesn’t grab the eye very well. Font on the tags list is tiny. I also can’t adjust font style or size outside the posts, but the defaults aren’t horrible. I could pay WordPress for the high privilege of tailoring my blog to my specifications, but I’m not getting enough hits yet to justify the investment, and I’m a cheapskate.

Anyhow, let me know what you think. Do you like the changes? Does anything rub you the wrong way or seem to be missing? Does the color scheme send you into a catatonic trance? Hit the comments and give me some feedback. Lower-right-hand corner.


7 thoughts on “Pardon My Dust

    1. Ah, that’s a better color for the background. Thanks!

      No, I’m not terribly keen on that title font, but I don’t think the WordPress template will let me change it without buying their upgrade. I’ll keep nosing around, maybe I’ll find a way to hack it.

  1. That’s a recent change. It used to be that you could get into the html/CSS code and modify it. Seems like such a petty little thing, but I suppose they have to make money somehow. They’ve also greatly expanded the number of “premium” themes that require payment.

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