New Story Online: “Allies,” at Avenir Eclectia

Avenir EclectiaAnother episode in the ongoing saga of Avenir Eclectia—a deep-space colony struggling for survival, long-forgotten by the world that built it.

Smith and Kate discover the orphans’ abduction, perhaps too late. For the first time in his life, Smith the Artful Dodger is fresh out of ideas.

Their search revealed nothing. No children hidden beneath the wreckage, no trail, no evidence they’d ever been there. Smith slumped against a wall and slid down until he was sitting on the floor, head bowed on his knees. It was as if someone had drained all the air from his body.

Kate knelt down and stroked his cheek. “Don’t give up hope. Moving a dozen orphans is no easy feat, whether or not they’re cooperating.”

“Or dead.”

Her gentle caress flashed into a stinging slap. “If that word passes your lips again, it’ll be you in need of a proper burial. Think, man. Which route out of here would Beadle and his henchmen take?”

Smith scowled and rubbed his jaw. “It’s pointless.”

“Humor me.”

Read the whole thing at Avenir Eclectia. If you’d like to catch up on Smith’s story from the beginning, start here.


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