New Story Online: “Intersection,” at Avenir Eclectia

Avenir EclectiaTwo worlds collide as the Dreamers struggle to fend off Avenir’s spider infestation from behind the scenes, and then stumble upon a greater evil. Will they choose to protect their secrets or emerge from the shadows to defend the orphans of Avenir?

The colonists will have to take it from here. I only hope our assistance was enough to keep them from being completely overrun. Before you log out, double-check the lower levels…make sure the pest control agent is working. You may need to dispense another blast if spiders are still moving about.”

“Way ahead of you. Checking the last couple of ring segments now.” Vicky’s fingers paused on her console and she leaned forward to squint at one of the windows, tilting her head to bring it into alignment. “Whoa. That’s weird.”

“What’s weird?”

“Enforcers who aren’t running away. They’re at a corridor intersection, having an argument with some raggedy bum, and there’s a skid next to them with bodies piled on it.”

“Those are probably unfortunates caught in the first swarm.”

“I’m zooming in on it. Monitor A-34. The Enforcers sure look angry. I wonder if…ohmigod.”

“Now what?”

“Miss Sherikov…the bodies…they’re children.”

Read the whole thing at Avenir Eclectia—the continuing saga of the space colony time forgot!


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