New Story Online: “Perspective,” at Avenir Eclectia

Avenir EclectiaA flurry of new episodes lately in my contribution to the epic saga of the Space Colony the Universe Forgot, with several more enroute. Sometimes you follow the inspiration where it leads, and of late, it’s been hanging out at Avenir Eclectia.

In “Perspective,” John Milton’s entré into the virtual-reality society of the Dreamers is expanding his mind in more ways than one:

Outside Jiro’s house, the sun was setting, its last light splashed across the fading blue sky in pastel streaks of orange and pink. John felt a pleasant urge to stretch and yawn, which he indulged, an even more enjoyable sensation. “I guess I should begin work on my own personal space now. I’ve imposed on your hospitality long enough.”

“Think nothing of it. You’ve been pleasant company, not at all the spoiled socialite I expected. Forgive me. I should know better than to judge people from my own prejudices…especially someone who’s managed to catch Anya’s eye.”

“I…expect she’ll find me less impressive as time goes by. I’m no altruist, Father Sukahara. I’ve spent my whole life looking for an edge, manipulating situations to my advantage, chasing power and influence. Even my decision to come here was selfish.”

“I prefer to believe you will find it most profitable to seize this opportunity to start afresh. Become the person you’ve always wanted to be, John Milton. You’ve stepped onto a blank canvas. Anything is possible.”

John’s about to discover that a fresh start may require him to rethink his most basic assumptions about life in the Avenir Eclectia colony. Read the whole thing at


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