May Banner

This month’s banner celebrates National Train Day, which is May 11 this year.

Events across the U.S. will remind us how trains have been an integral part of our nation’s story, almost from the beginning, and how they’re still vital to our mobility and prosperity today. Take a glance at the interactive infographics on the National Train Day webpage if you don’t believe me.

If you live anywhere near a rail line, part of the celebration may be happening near you. May 11 is a Saturday, so if you’re caught up on your yard work and not buried under a foot of snow, go check it out. You can search for a nearby event here.

Of course, in the Frederation, every day is National Train Day. Just another benefit of running on subjective time.


2 thoughts on “May Banner

    1. That’s a classic. When we lived in Ohio, I’d find little flat rectangular pieces of metal along the tracks. Some kind of bracket/plate with holes punched in it. Somebody showed me how to bend one in half and squeeze it between my teeth to whistle. It was sort of like putting two fingers in your mouth to make a really loud whistle, but I could never make that work. The metal piece worked every time.

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