April Banner

March never did get past the “lion” phase, at least in Kansas City, but I’ve got high hopes for better weather in April and the promise of some beautiful spring flowers.

I’m starting the month in Korea on a work trip, and folks here are also anticipating the colors of springtime as the hillsides green up and trees begin to bud. The annual cherry tree bloom is a big event, and railway trips through Jinhae, west of Changwon on the southern coast of Korea and famous for its lush cherry blossoms, are popular. Jinhae’s annual festival celebrates both cherry blossoms and heroic Admiral Yi Sun Sin, who repelled an invading Japanese fleet in 1592 with his innovative “turtle ships,” arguably the world’s first ironclad naval vessels.

This month’s banner gives you a taste of the scenery around Jinhae when the cherry trees are in bloom. Subjective time seems to stand still when you’re surrounded by beauty on this scale.

You can find the original image at The Korea Guide, along with lots of information about spring festivals across the Korean Peninsula.


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