March Banner

March comes in like a lion, and there are few lions more impressive than the heraldic symbol of Great Britain. This fierce feline, clutching a locomotive wheel in its blue-taloned paws, graced the logo of British Railways circa 1956, and was a few years thereafter replaced by a soulless corporate geometric whatsit.

For shame, Sir Topham Hatt, or whoever was in charge then.

The Cycling Lion
The Cycling Lion

At least, I think it’s a lion. This design was known colloquially as the “Ferret and Dartboard.” It replaced a previous image of a lion astride a large wheel, aka the “Cycling Lion.” Anybody who says the Brits don’t have a sense of humor isn’t paying attention.

Enjoy it while it lasts. This banner will remain frozen in subjective time only until the weather here in the Frederation mellows. I’ll be looking for something with a lamb then.

Images courtesy of Wikipedia Commons. The “Ferret and Dartboard” photo was taken in 2008 by Michael Ely. Original here.


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