It’s February, love is in the air, and nothing says romance like meeting your beloved at a train station. Consider the two lovebirds entwined here at London’s historic St. Pancras Railway Station—perhaps he’s a weary business commuter whose sweetheart has brightened his day with a surprise rendezvous. Maybe they’re newlyweds pausing for a kiss or three before traveling to a quaint bed-and-breakfast in Surrey for their honeymoon. She could be departing for a year of art school in Paris after this last tearful embrace. They might even be long-lost childhood friends unexpectedly reunited as they crossed the station to find their trains. So many possibilities!

The one certainty is that all their trains will run on subjective time, and we can only hope it will extend this perfect moment a little while longer.

St. Pancras Station connects to the high-speed Eurostar rail system via the Channel Tunnel, so it’s a great place to begin a Continental adventure with someone you love. You can find the original image here, along with some information about romantic travels in Europe. The bronze sculpture is titled, sensibly, “The Meeting Place.”