Shiny New Year

Poor kid will be a decrepit old geezer before he knows it.
Poor kid will be a decrepit old geezer before he knows it.

Another click of the ‘ol odometer. In lieu of churning out my usual ‘best of’ lists, resolutions, writing goals, et cetera over the final week of the past year, I opted to de-link from the net a bit and focus more on my family. I liked it. Go figure.

Fortunately, the Prisons and Workhouses are Still Open: Looking back over the news summaries, I see we finally got a New Deal for Christmas—a few days late, like my Christmas cards and gifts to extended family. If only.

The Late Snow: What most observers would call a decent Christmas snow arrived in the Greater KC Metro Area on New Year’s Eve. I’m sensing a trend here.

If It Doesn’t Move, Paint It: The Lovely Wife enlisted me in a crusade to repaint our living room over the holidays, which took about three days of agonizing over color swatches and two days of actual painting. We opted for “Manhattan Mist,” a hue that looked gray on the swatch, white in the can, and blue on the wall. We are, however, well-pleased with the outcome, though I foresee more painting to come. Onward to the trim!

Looming on the Horizon: Three major family milestones this year—The Eldest Son will wed the Delightful FiancĂ©e (soon-to-be Delightful Daughter-In-Law), the Current Collegiate graduates, and the fully-recovered Darling Daughter returns to the USAF Academy for Basic Cadet Training Take 2.

The legendary TigerPanzer Vor! I’m returning to Germany in a couple of weeks to re-enact the Battle of the Bulge. No, I’m not talking about food—click the link, weisenheimer. Sigh. Okay, okay…it’s really just another work trip, I won’t be anywhere near the Ardennes forest, and all ordnance will be simulated.


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