The Day After…and Beyond!

Reports of Earth’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated – If you’re reading this, you already know the Mayan Apocalypse end-of-the-world hysteria loosely connected to the ancient Mayan calendar did not happen on December 21. Surprise. We now return to your regularly scheduled life.

"No, I am not throwing an End of the World party. Go home."
“No, I am not throwing an End of the World party. Go home.”

Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold – I finally saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey last night, putting it off until the very last moment because I knew the world couldn’t end until I’d seen this movie in its entirety. You’re welcome. Capsule review: I liked it, visuals by Peter Jackson stunning as always, casting perfect, inserted material meh…except Radagast, who was awesome. Best moments, as expected—Thorin and Company singing the Song of the Lonely Mountain, and the Riddle Game between Bilbo and Gollum. I still prefer the book.

For Those Disappointed the Planet is Still Intact – Five of the six trailers our selected theater chain offered before The Hobbit previewed apocalyptic/dystopian movies. Let the good times roll!

No Longer Dreaming of a White Christmas – Snow arrived in the Kansas City Metro a couple of days ago, in sufficient time and quantity to frost the landscape a bit and make a jolly holiday mess of the streets and highways. Feeling more Christmas-y now.

Respect his authority.
Respect his authority.

The Other Firstborn Son – We’re celebrating the Eldest Son’s birthday today, about a week late due to difficulty finding a common gap in our respective schedules. Police night-shift doesn’t leave many openings. He’s also working both Christmas Eve and Christmas, so we’ll be sliding his piece of that celebration to the right as well. Please send up a prayer this week for our men and women in uniform, who are wakeful at night to keep our visions of sugarplums safe and undisturbed.


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