What’s Happening: 12/4/2012

He’s too much.

Life Imitates Art Imitates Life: Anybody who thinks the current balmy 70-degree weather in the Midwest U.S. is about global warming obviously had a childhood deficient in American Christmas lore. I’m thinking our territory has been ceded to Heat Miser in recompense for the freak blizzard Snow Miser dumped on Beijing last month and the record snowfall accumulating there now. Meanwhile, our budget deadlock between Congress and Oval Office is making this look more and more like The Year Without a Santa Claus.

As I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas: You may have noticed it’s snowing on my web page this month. Thanks, WordPress! If this keeps up, I’ll need to break out the ol’ electronic shovel.

st.nicholasChuck Norris Keeps This Picture in His Wallet for Inspiration: Speaking of Jolly Old Saint Nick, it’s worth remembering that the real Saint Nicholas was a fiery social reformer, rescuer of the downtrodden, and two-fisted champion of the Christian faith. Here we see his smackdown of über-eloquent, über-popular, über-heretic Arius at the Council of Nicaea. Arius was arguing that Jesus was essentially just another created being, not God Incarnate (gee, you hardly ever hear that idea nowadays). Nicholas, to put it mildly, disagreed. Though Nicholas was harshly disciplined for this lapse in decorum, the Council rejected Arius’ doctrine and formulated the Nicene Creed, perhaps the most widely-recognized encapsulation of Christian belief.

News from Deep Space: I’m a little behind on the writing updates…I have not one, but two new episodes posted in the continuing story of Avenir Eclectia.

Tea” – Natalie Hunt goes in search of Avenir power-broker John Milton, but finds an empty apartment manned by a chatty cyborg butler. Awkward.

“This…this is a nice room. Is that real wood paneling?”
“Yes. It is an extravagance, but Mr. Milton found it soothing.”
Who gets his apartment now that he’s dead?” Melanie grimaced. “Oh…sorry, that’s a rude question, isn’t it?”
“Some business associate, I presume. I am not privy to the details of his will. There are no living relatives.”

Problems” – Anya Sherikov and the Dreamers brainstorm solutions to an impending crisis, and something nasty awaits Natalie in the corridor outside Milton’s apartment:

Something skittered across the toe of her boot. She looked down to find a small, red-striped spider lifted up onto its hind legs a few meters away, forelegs waving in the air, fanged mouthparts working rapidly and drooling viscous slime. She stared at it in fascination—bugs weren’t supposed to be able to get onto the station, especially not the upper levels. Where did this one come from?

To read all the installments of my stories in Avenir Eclectia, start here.

The first compendium of Avenir Eclectia stories is now available in print and all popular e-book formats. Details here.


Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime: Rather than sending me on a work trip this month, my robot overlords protectors have assigned me to support my chain gang team from Fort Leavenworth via the technological magic of telecommuting…commuting…commuting…It’s a lot like any other trip, except I get to spend my off-shift time at home, mostly sleeping. My Lovely Wife says she misses me.

Grace and friendsKiwi in Kansas City: Grace Bridges, who helms Splashdown Books, publisher of my two novels and short-story anthology, paid us a visit a couple of weeks ago on her tour across North America. We spent a pleasant afternoon in downtown KC taking in the sights. I introduced her to the wonders of Sheridan’s Frozen Custard, and she made some new friends. More pictures here.

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