December Banner

There’s a chill in the air, we’ve had our first snowflakes here in eastern Kansas, so it must be time for a Christmas train.

Here’s a tabletop choo-choo inspired¬† by the Fox Network animated series, Family Guy. I am really, most sincerely, not a fan of the show, but this train is so doggone cute, I couldn’t resist.

I suppose there are also a few subtle messages embedded here about the state of the Christmas celebration in America. We’re working on subjective time here, so feel free to speculate wildly and at length about what this little piece of kitsch really means.

If you’d like one of these to grace your holiday sideboard, you can buy it at Entertainment Earth, purveyors of all things Hollywood.

Oh, wait…it’s sold out. Sorry about that. Perhaps a talking Quagmire doll?



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