Avenir Eclectia, Volume 1

Avenir: An interstellar generation ship launched centuries past from a faraway Earth, it exists now as a crowded orbital station dominating a hard, broken world, its origins shrouded in myth and faded memories. Traders and miners ply the space between planet and station, and harvest molten metal from a pair of shattered moons.

Eclectia: the unstable planet far below, its crust fractured and tormented by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Adventurers and outcasts scrape a meager living from the ashy soil and murky oceans. It harbors life alien and familiar, seen and unseen, almost all of it hostile and deadly.

Avenir Eclectia: A forgotten pioneer settlement in deep space, desperately fighting for survival.

This is the first collection from the unique chronicle of a lost colony orbiting a distant star, viewed through the many-faceted lens of multi-author microfiction.

Stories by Grace Bridges, Jeff C. Carter, Jeff Chapman, Frank Creed, Pauline Creeden, Karina Fabian, Joseph H. Ficor, Kat Heckenbach, Holly Heisey, Greg Mitchell, Keven Newsome, Travis Perry, Mary Ruth Pursselley, J. L. Rowan, Walt Staples, H. A. Titus, and Fred Warren.

Edited by Grace Bridges and Travis Perry.

Get your own copy now in print or all popular e-book formats from Splashdown Books.

Follow the continuing story of Avenir Eclectia with new episodes each week at http://www.avenireclectia.com .


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