Odds and Ends

Land of the Morning Calm: Just returned from nine days in Korea for work, a trip I always enjoy. I was able to do a little touristing on my off time, and explored a few cool spots I hadn’t visited before, including Seoul Tower, Namsan Botanical Garden, and the Samsung Museum of Art. I also spent a couple of hours knocking around the War Memorial of Korea, which was right across the street from my work site. Typhoon Bolaven rolled up the peninsula about halfway through my stay, bringing some high winds but surprisingly little rain to Seoul, and Typhoon Tembin followed in its wake with more rain but less wind, nipping at the tailfeathers of my departing flight. Two typhoons for the price of one…such a deal. You can find pictures from my trip here.

No, I didn’t hurt myself trying to rock it “Gangnam Style.”

Walking Wounded: Setting body in motion before putting brain in gear resulted in a cracked rib during my Korea trip, which surprisingly didn’t bother me much until I got home. I’d been blithely hiking back and forth across Seoul for a week, thinking I’d gotten away with nothing more than a bad bruise. Wrong-o. It’s not serious, but I’m trussed up in a pressure bandage and on anti-inflammation meds for 4-6 weeks. It only hurts when I laugh. On the plus side of this topic, the Darling Daughter’s arthroscopic surgery was successful, and her knee is recovering nicely, though not nearly fast enough for her satisfaction. She’s also taking some courses at the local junior college, has resumed her part-time job at Barnes & Noble, and is marathoning Roswell on Netflix, not necessarily in that order.

In Good Company: I received word a few days ago that my sci-fi flash fiction story, “The Transfer,” will be part of Every Day Fiction’s fourth annual hardcover anthology, The Best of Every Day Fiction Four. Previous volumes included my stories “Little Piece of Cloth” and “Half.” EDF publishes great short fiction online in a variety of genres, a new story each day, and I’m excited to have another of my stories in this year’s collection.

Kiwi Invasion: New Zealander Grace Bridges, captain of the good ship Splashdown Books, publisher of my novels The Muse and The Seer, and my short-story anthology Odd Little Miracles, is on an extended tour of continental North America. She’s currently at DragonCon in Atlanta, but will be spending a few days with us here in the Kansas City area in November. I confess I’m at a loss for sightseeing ideas that would top DragonCon (November is a little late in the season for tornado chasing), but perhaps a combination of giant stone Sphinxes, the view from a flaming tower overlooking the city, adventures in science, and the world’s best barbeque will suffice. Yes, Grace, there will be tea.

For Anyone Who’s Following Along: The story of space colony entrepreneur John Milton reaches an important turning point, then Melanie Hunt goes looking for trouble, and finds it, in “Afterlife,” my latest installment at Avenir Eclectia. If you haven’t been following along, you can read it all from the beginning here (start at the May 16, 2011 post, “Aristocrat.”) Splashdown Books will be publishing an anthology of AE stories soon, so watch this space for more details.


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