Splashdown Blog Tour: Faith Awakened, by Grace Bridges

Continuing a series of blog tours featuring authors and stories from Splashdown Books, your source for the finest in Christian speculative fiction, and publisher of my novels The Muse and The Seer, and my short-story collection Odd Little Miracles.

Today, we’re featuring the founder of Splashdown Books, Grace Bridges, and her very first novel, published back in 2007, Faith Awakened. It’s the poignant science fiction tale of two young women separated in space and time, yet intertwined in fate—one facing the extinction of mankind and fighting to survive, the other drifting through a tranquil life in search of a purpose that continually eludes her. Their destinies are converging. Will their collision save them, or destroy them?

Hey, I already reviewed this book! I liked it. You can read my review here.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s spend a few moments with Grace, who just popped in from her home in New Zealand. Teleportation is a wonderful thing.

What led you to start up Splashdown Books?

I came to the publishing scene just as indie publishing was becoming a viable option. Boosted by the example of the likes of Jeremy Robinson and Frank Creed, I decided to learn how to do it myself. So I did that for my first book, which was Faith Awakened, but only after getting a ton of critiques and assistance from the wider writing community in order to ensure I was putting out a good product. Then, once I knew how to make a book, it was only a short step to the decision to do it for other writers.

And I, for one, am glad you did. What is the Splashdown philosophy in a nutshell?

Quality books, quality people, and plenty of weird ideas. I seek new manuscripts that need minimal editing to be ready for the world, and I seek new authors who are good team players. Stories have to be the best they can be. Authors help each other out with tasks across the board, from editing to design to marketing. We’re a family.

I can attest to that. It’s great working with such a tight-knit, weird, and supportive group. Thanks for stopping by, Grace! Our readers can find out more about you and Splashdown Books at the links below:




Bloopers and best-of reel from the 2007 video campaign for Faith Awakened:


Info on Faith Awakened

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