Back From the Dead

Only mostly dead. My laptop’s hard drive crashed last week, and this would be the one trip I decided not to bring my Totally Linux Totally Solid State Road Warrior Backup Webbook. I suppose I could have blogged from my smartphone, but I also left my jeweler’s loupe in Kansas.

Anyhow, the wizards of tech support on our team here in Texas brought my laptop back to life, so I can now dash out a quick update.

1. Another Satisfied Customer. Lyn Perry of Residential Aliens was kind enough to read and review my debut novel, The Muse, and he seemed to enjoy it. This also gives me the opportunity to mention that The Seer, a sequel to The Muse, is also available via Splashdown Books, and both can be obtained from online purveyors of fine literature such as Amazon and Barnes&Noble, in print, Kindle, and Nook editions. Read and be amazed! Or something.

2. Professional Courtesy Redounds to the Courteous: The aforementioned Mr. Perry is a small-press publisher, editor, author, and all-around raconteur who is offering a pair of his own short stories on e-book free today, pocket change thereafter–some good reads to be had. Check out the offer here.

3. “Still writing? Yep, still writing.” – But not very quickly. I estimate I’m running at one-quarter impulse power:

  • My latest contribution to the Avenir Eclectia shared-world write-a-palooza went online a couple of days ago. In “Proposition,” Smith the Artful Dodger nimbly eludes one danger only to find he’s hopped out of the frying pan and into the fire. Splashdown Books is preparing to publish a collection of Avenir Eclectia stories later this year…more details on that as they emerge.
  • Over at Speculative Faith, I’m on Part 5 of a rather demented serialized satirical send-up of Pinocchio called “The Legend of Intaglio.” I get the impression most of the regulars at SF are waiting perplexedly for some clear indication of who or what I’m satirizing, but it’s mostly just for fun. For the sake of your sanity, if you haven’t been following it, start at Part 1.

4. House of Mouse – My Darling Daughter’s graduation present was a trip to California this past week to visit relatives, and, just incidentally, Disneyland. I’m a bit depressed that I’m stuck in Texas and not out there with her, but she’s having a ball, sort of a last hurrah to childhood, and my Lovely Wife is getting some priceless mother-daughter quality time in preparation for the Daughter’s departure to the Air Force Academy next week. Yes, I’ll be home from Texas in time to drive her out there and share a few days of quality time myself.

5. Cute Overload. One of the occupational hazards of the Eldest Son’s police job is an occasional need to visit Animal Control, where he runs the risk of ambush by a disreputable villain like this one:

“Stick ’em up.”

Yep, shot right through the heart. Stoli is now part of our extended family. Josie the Weekly Weimaraner could not be reached for comment.


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