New Stories Online: “Folly” and “Expanse” at Avenir Eclectia

I’ve got a couple of new episodes online now at the Avenir Eclectia shared-world project.

In “Folly,” a group of virtual-reality gamers discover an anomaly that might be the gate to Paradise…or a quick, nasty death:

Whatever lives behind that firewall caught Jumbo when he broke through, and it fried his brain.”

Carson slapped Orca’s helmet. “But the point is, he broke through. And if what’s behind that firewall is important enough to defend, it’s important enough to investigate.”

In “Expanse,” John Milton has his first meeting with the Dreamers, in a world he’d thought was lost forever:

In the distance, visible between the trees, was an expanse of translucent blue, tipped here and there with frothy white. The door had vanished behind him, and as he turned first to the right, then to the left, then all the way around, he could see the water encompassed the land on all sides.

It was an ocean. A real, living ocean.

If you need to catch up with my piece of the Avenir Eclectia opus, this link will pull up everything I’ve written there to date. If you’re a first-time visitor to our little lost colony, I’d recommend starting from the very beginning, here. There’s also some very cool electronic music and art by Michael Rogers at this link that creates the perfect atmosphere for reading.


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