May Banner

Fasten your seatbelts and check your dosimeters, people—here comes The Atomic Train of the Future…future…future…future…

This super-streamlined choo choo looks so fast, I bet it can bust through the sound barrier standing still. No sissy carbon-fiber composites, either. The Atomic Train is all metal, because nothing less could confine the nuclear inferno raging within.

Finally, a train you can’t overwind! And it sparks!

Sadly, it comes with only six feet of track. That’s not enough to make a connection to the Andromeda Galaxy, but if you assemble it into an oval, you stand a better than average chance of discovering the Higgs Boson before those latte-sipping eggheads at CERN.

The Atomic Train runs on subjective time. It has to. Conventional time can’t keep up with it.

You can find the original image and lots more cool stuff from the future…future…future at the Alphadrome Robot and Space Toy Database.


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