April Banner

April showers bring May…oh, never mind. We seem to have skipped most of March and April around here and moved directly to the end of May without passing Go or collecting $200. I blame it on sunspots.

Anyhow, here’s a nice image of the Korean KTX bullet train, zooming through some terrain that looks a bit un-Korea-ish to my eyes, though I haven’t explored the entire country. I’ll give the graphic designer a pass since the train is traveling through the Frederation this month, and parts of it look a lot like this, so everybody wins. The flowers in the foreground are also pretty.

The KTX has zipped across the Frederation once or twice before, and it’s nice to see it’s still running on subjective time.

You can find the original image at vectorimages.org, a repository of free vector art graphics. Wow—litigation-free art. Makes my heart go pitty-pat. Power to the people, y’all.


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