In Memoriam: Walt Staples

Walt Staples, a friend and fellow-traveler in the world of faith-inspired speculative fiction, passed away yesterday.

I didn’t know Walt very well, though I’ve been a fan of his writing for several years. Like a lot of former military men, he had a wry, world-weary sense of humor and a keen eye for the absurd that shined through his stories and made every one of them a treat for the mind and soul. Go read a few of them, and you’ll understand what I mean. In a society full of people who take themselves far too seriously, Walt was the antidote.

We both participated in collaborative writing projects with Splashdown Books, such as Aquasynthesis and Avenir Eclectia. Another connection was the imaginary worlds of Karina Fabian, in which we each wrote stories, his about zombie-fighting Marines, mine about spacefaring nuns. We had a few e-mail exchanges that confirmed the similarity of our tastes in fiction and the lighter side of life. I’d hoped to co-author a tale or two with him sometime, but I never imagined that opportunity would be lost so soon.

If the old hymn is true, he’s taking his turn at patrol along the streets of Heaven about now. Rest well, Marine.

3 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Walt Staples

  1. thanks, fred. i didn’t know him at all, but from what i’ve heard, i missed out. and i love the honesty of your last paragraph.


  2. I suspect that, in his patrol of heaven, he’s cracking them up too. Great memoriam, Fred…he is well missed here and, I hope, praying for us all in his new role in heaven. 🙂

  3. I did not know him either but his advice and input on my writing during the 2011 Catholic Writer’s Guild online conference helped me very much and his comments suggested a marvelous, creative character who I would have enjoyed knowing better. God bless him!

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