Random Randomness

Four Terriers of the Apocalypse

Dispatches from the Apocalypse: True believers dismayed by the sneering rumor that accounting for Leap Days on our calendar shifts the Mayan Calendar-based doomsday calcuation to August 2011 need not lose heart—the calculation is actually based on consecutive days from a known date, so we’re still on track for an Earth-shattering kaboom on September 21, 2012. Or not. The Mayans didn’t seem to associate the end of their calendar with the destruction of Earth. Even if that day slips by without incident, prophets of doom can take solace—scientists have identified a killer asteroid threat for 2013. Yay, science.

Pasta Fagioli! Delicious and Italian, but totally random. Move along.

No respect at all.

I Don’t Get No Respect: “Why is Christian Fiction Inferior?” That seems to be this week’s conversation topic, kicked off with a blog post by author Mike Duran, and continued by Rebecca Miller and C.L. Dyck. Yes, I stuck my oar into the discussion comments and my foot into my mouth. Tasty.

Carabinieri! Italian Police. Random. Onward…

Lost Amid the Nebulas: There’s a lot of great short to long-ish science fiction and fantasy that’s come out in the past year, and the Nebula Awards voting cycle has provided a brief opportunity to read much of it for free. A few days ago, I pointed the patrons of Speculative Faith to Ken Liu’s beautiful short fantasy, “The Paper Menagerie.” A few minutes ago, I took a brief glance at Mary Robinette Kowal’s science fiction mystery novella, “Kiss Me Twice,” and Now. I. Can. Not. Put. It. Down. Merciful heavens, this woman used to be a Muppeteer. Go. Read.


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