February Banner

This month’s picture is even cooler than I thought when I first saw it. It’s an image of an old commuter-rail car that’s been embellished at an online art sharing site called Queeky. The really nifty thing about Queeky is that it allows you to watch a video record of the artist at work on each project, from beginning to end.

So, if you click on this link, then run the sweet video you’ll find there (you may need to scroll down a bit to find the controls), you can totally experience our banner’s evolution from seriously sad little train car to most exuberant urban icon of peace and love, dudes.

Like all railway travelers that pass through the Frederation, this Mod masterpiece runs on subjective time–and when you watch the video, you’ll see what I mean.

The original image was created by a lady who uses the handle, “Daisykitten,” and you can find more examples of her most excellent skills at http://www.queeky.com/artist/daisykitten. Her bio says she’s 77 years old, but I am so not buying that, man.

Unless she’s got, like, a really young soul.


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