Future Imperfect: The Best of Wily Writers, Vol 2

Wily Writers is a showcase for the finest science fiction, fantasy and horror. When one of my stories was accepted there two years ago, I was pleased and impressed with their professional presentation of it in both text and podcast.

So, I’m delighted to announce the release of their second anthology, Future Imperfect, which assembles the best stories of 2010 featured in Wily Writers online, including my short tale of future justice gone awry, “The Time Share.” Many thanks to Editor Angel McCoy for including my story in this fine collection of haunting, dystopian fiction. It’s still making its way through distribution channels, but will be is available in both print and e-book in a few days from Amazon, B&N, and several other sources.

If you can’t wait for a copy of your very own: paperback  e-book

Here’s the lineup:

“Loathsome Alyce”  by Sheila Crosby
“Memory in the Time of Bones” by Nathan Crowder
“Complete Artistic Control” by Bruce Boston
“Miriam’s Song” by Larry Lefkowitz
“9 Curzon Place” by Daniel W. Powell
“She’s a Liquid” by Ever Dundas
“Aftershocks” by Craig D.B. Patton
“Outsourced” by Shelly Li
“Absolution” by Matt Adams
“Grandmonster” by Sasha Janel McBrayer
“The Tunnel” by Matt Cowens
“Reckoning” by Bruce Golden
“Stuff of the Elder Gods” by K.C. Ball
“The Time-share” by Fred Warren
“A Necessity of the Present” by Jeremy Zimmerman
“Puppet Play” by Kelli D. Meyer


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