January Banner

Now that we’re past Christmas and New Year’s, it’s time to get the ol’ banner train back on track, so here’s a pretty shot of Soo Line steam engine 1003 pulling into a station near Whitewater, Wisconsin. There are few things more nostalgic, chilly, and lonely as a little country train station in midwinter.

According to Ray Peacock of HeartlandRails.com, the photographer:

The Soo Line Railroad is the primary United States railroad subsidiary of the Canadian Pacific Railway, controlled through the Soo Line Corporation, and one of seven U.S. Class I railroads. It is named for the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railroad, which was commonly known as the Soo Line after the phonetic spelling of Sault.

Like all trains that pass through the Frederation, this one runs on subjective time, which feels like forever when you’re standing all by yourself on the platform of a train station in the middle of nowhere with snow all around.

The original image can be found at Viewliner LTD, a blog chock-full of beautiful pictures and commentary on railroad culture, both current and vintage.


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