Happy New Year, everyone! If it’s January 1, it must be time for a little reflection on the year gone by, writing-wise, so here goes.

2011 was a novel-writing year for me, and novels are all-consuming–when I’m working on one, not much else gets done. The good news is that I finished The Seer, it was published in November, and I was happy with how it turned out.

Bad news–most of the other writing goals I set last year were dead on arrival.

"Amish zombie romance...It's gonna be big."

Of course, that’s not the whole story. A lot of my 2011 writing was channeled in different directions than I expected last January, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, it’s about going where the muse beckons rather than counting words and publications and sales. I took on a weekly writing gig at Speculative Faith, which I’ve enjoyed very much, I’m doing some slush reading at ResAliens, and I helped judge a couple of writing contests at Stephanie Morill’s GoTeenWriters forum. I can’t really put a number or a price tag on my investments in those activities, but I feel like they’ve broadened my experience as a writer, and I intend to continue them.

So, here are the 2011 statistics, and they’re brief: One novel, one short-story collection, six short-story sales–four reprint, two new. I also had ten FTL short-story publications (that’s “for the love,” not “faster than light”), two in Splashdown Books’ Aquasynthesis anthology and the rest in their Avenir Eclectia shared-world project.

Looking ahead, 2012 will be another novel year–I plan to finish the final book in my Muse trilogy September-ish, but it probably won’t appear in print until early 2013. So, I’m not going to put a lot of energy into mapping out goals this year, other than to attempt to fence off the time to write and submit more short stories.

Onward into the new year. Excelsior!


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