New Story Online: “Anthem” at Avenir Eclectia

Over at the Avenir Eclectia shared-world serial fiction project, another episode in my tale of Smith, the Artful Dodger, appears today. It begins as an ordinary day for Smith and his crew of orphan pickpockets, working the marketplace near the Avenir space station’s cargo docks…

Charlie paused to pull something from the pocket of a corpulent man who was arguing with a cloth merchant. Smith was relieved to see he didn’t double-dip but moved smartly along. Only a practiced eye would have noticed anything amiss. Cecile was focusing on the womenfolk, tapping a succession of purses and waist packs, twirling along like a ballerina. She had promise, that one.

But then, someone gets caught  in the act…and it’ll take a miracle to keep them out of prison this time.

Read the whole thing, or…

This link will provide all the episodes in Smith’s story so far.

Avenir Eclectia has been a beehive of activity the past couple of months, and there are a ton of great stories in the works from some very talented writers. The adventures span two planets with settlements on land, undersea, and in orbit, with new stories posting three times a week. Check it out at



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