Christmas Spirits

Author Karina Fabian, whose worlds of imagination I have been privileged to play around in once or twice, has started a little project for this year’s holiday season. She’s raising money for the nonprofit charity Food for the Poor, which provides resources for impoverished families in the Caribbean and Latin America regions (Remember Haiti? Oh, right…)–everything from baby chicks, to fruit trees, to livestock, to houses, to water projects, to education, and a lot more.

Toward that end, she’s serializing a Christmas story, “Christmas Spirits,” featuring one of her most popular fantasy characters, dragon detective Vern de Wyvern, a.k.a. Dragoneye, P.I.

Here’s the deal: Karina publishes a new episode each week on Tuesday and Thursday, contingent on a minimum collective donation of $5.00 (yes, that’s a mere five bucks total) from her readers. The story will continue so long as this modest level of donation keeps flowing. There are extra goodies available for folks donating $20 or more (check the sidebar on the story page). Every cent goes to the charity.

Naturally, she’d love to collect as much as possible–her goal is $600, which will provide a milk cow to a hungry family. Her dream outcome is $3682, which will build a house, complete and ready to use. Donating is easy–just read the story and click the big yellow DONATE button.

So far, she’s got enough for a flock of baby chicks and a fruit tree. I think we can help her do better than that.

"A fine excuse for picking a man's pocket every 25th of December."

<< Don’t be this guy. Have a heart, enjoy a fun story, toss a buck in Karina’s tin cup, and help some people living in extreme poverty. Check it out at


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