A Month of Thirty Shorts

No, not dirty shorts. Thirty shorts. Thirty short stories, one a day, for a month.

Now that The Seer is complete and perched on the electronic shelf (and you really ought to buy a copy), I need to take a break from noveling and get back to my roots. I’ve got to write some short stories, and November, being National Novel Writing Month and all, seems like a good time to do it, since I’ve already drafted a good chunk of my next novel and don’t need to use NaNoWriMo as a means to jumpstart that.

Instead, every day this month, I’m going to write a short story. Most will be very rough drafts needing considerable revision and polishing later. A few may not get beyond outlining. A very few will be radiant, awe-inspiring works of unalloyed genius.

Very, very few.

Okay, maybe one.

Maybe one sentence.

Anyhow, would you like to be part of this project? Of course you would. It’s easy. Just leave a comment below that includes a short story prompt. It can be a word, a phrase, a paragraph, a poem, a song, or even a picture. I’ve got a few of my own stockpiled, but if you offer me one, I promise to use it. If it turns into something publishable, you’ll have my undying gratitude, I’ll mention in the publication notice that you gave me the idea, and you’ll become rich and famous.

Or something.


8 thoughts on “A Month of Thirty Shorts

  1. Ship of Dreams. I always thought that would be the coolest title or concept. It *feels* like billowing sails, or maybe sunsails in space…
    Of course someone else has probably used it somewhere already, but I’m sure it’s general enough to make it your own!

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