The Seer is Here!

I’ll be writing more about this in the coming week, but for now, suffice it to say that my second novel, The Seer, was officially released today by Splashdown Books:

In The Muse, struggling author Stan Marino went looking for inspiration, but found instead an ancient evil that cast him, his friends, and his family into a realm of imagination where almost anything was possible, and into a battle for their souls.
They won that fight at a terrible cost, and now, five years later, The Seer finds Stan still picking up the pieces of his shattered life. Are his daughter’s disturbing visions of the future a lifesaving gift, or a curse that will draw him once again into the shadowy world of dreams and imagination, back into a war he can’t hope to win?

You can take a peek at Chapter 1 here:

If you’d like to buy a copy, and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t, you can find The Seer in a variety of convenient places: Print and Kindle

Barnes& Print (Nook version coming soon) Several different e-book formats


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