I’ve mentioned in past tours that Thomas Nelson is a class act. When I requested an electronic review copy of this week’s feature, Stephen R. Lawhead’s The Bone House, they cheerfully provided it, then asked, just in passing, if I’d yet read the first book in the Bright Empires series, The Skin Map.

I confessed I had not, though our previous tour of that book, which I wasn’t able to read and review myself, had given me a passing familiarity with its synopsis.

“Oh,” Ms. Dean, the publicist, replied, “you really ought to read The Skin Map first. How about I send you a copy of that? We don’t have it available in e-book on NetGalley yet, but I can send you a paperback copy.”

Very well. If you insist. Twist my arm.

Which makes this Tour a little more difficult. Though I never feel obligated to provide a happy, shiny review of a book simply by merit of having received a free review copy, I do feel obligated to return the publisher’s courtesy and finish The Skin Map before reviewing The Bone House.

I am enjoying The Skin Map, a fun romp across time, space, and multiple alternate realities via Britain’s legendary ley lines. It has a similar flavor to an under-rated science fiction film I enjoyed some years ago, Biggles: Adventures in Time, itself based on a series of children’s books by Captain W.E. Johns. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to chew through both books in the next three days, which may cost me a little sleep, but I have a feeling it’ll be well worth it.

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