The Seer Featured at Whispers in Purple

I’ve got a guest spot this week at Peg Phifer’s blog, Whispers in Purple, talking about the upcoming release of my second novel, The Seer. Leave a comment both there and here for a chance to win free signed copies of The Seer and The Muse (or e-books if  you prefer). A two-for-one giveaway–such a deal!

UPDATE: Peg posted the original cover image for The Muse, but Splashdown Books has re-imagined the design to harmonize across all three books (Three? Does this mean there will be a third book in this series? Yes.), and if you lay them all side-to-side, they form a single panoramic landscape. Very cool.


18 thoughts on “The Seer Featured at Whispers in Purple

  1. They are cool looking covers.
    If I haven’t said it before now, congrats on book number two coming out.
    Can’t wait to see book number three

    1. Hi, Susan!

      I apologize for my absence and silence of late…our schedule keeps popping up Saturday events, and it looks like I may be away for November’s meeting as well. I’ll re-engage as soon as I can.


  2. Hi Fred. I just finished reading the post at Whispers in Purple. I am fast becoming a fan of fantasy and spec fic, so would love to win your books. Not only do the stories sound intriguing, but I also feel a kinship since Splashdown books and the company I work for, Written World Communications, are “sister” publishers. I wish you much success with the sale of your books!


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