Interview at The Spirit Blade Underground Podcast

Paeter Frandsen interviews me in a segment of this week’s Spirit Blade Underground Podcast, which also includes a review of the just-released remake of the sci-fi/horror movie classic, The Thing. Paeter’s weekly podcast is slick and professional, worth a listen (and a subscription) if you’re a fan of science fiction and fantasy. It includes reviews of both books and movies of current interest, plus a brief, non-preachy reflection from the Bible, focused on practical life issues.

Alas, if only my interviewee skills were as polished as Paeter’s interviewer skills. I mostly stumble through the conversation, offering a few insights about my novel, The Muse, and a few tidbits about my writing inspirations and influences. Probably amusing for you, definitely painful for me, but a good learning experience overall. Assuming there’s a next time, I expect to be much more prepared for one of these spots.

Paeter’s creative enterprise, Spirit Blade Productions,  includes much, much more multimedia goodness, and I’ll review that in more detail here soon. Thanks again to Paeter for the interview and for his patience with me.


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