Back From the Grave

"Greetings, programs!"

Well, not exactly. More like back on the grid. I’ve been working the graveyard shift, and thus will feel like death warmed-over for a few days, but I wasn’t anywhere near crossing that ol’ River Jordan. September has been an extraordinarily busy month for me, as any regular readers I might still have could infer from the fact that I’ve only posted four times in as many weeks.

The spike in my schedule is over now, so I’ll soon be returning to a more regular pattern of blogging, tweeting, networking, and otherwise writing. In the meantime, you might peruse the one thing I did manage to keep on track this month, my weekly column at Speculative Faith. I’m in the middle of a series about love in science fiction, and the conversation has ranged from Trek to time travel, with several other stops along the way. Next week’s installment will enter the shadowy realm of alien kissyface, which I expect will generate some passionate arguments, helpful hints, and shared abduction experiences.

Shut up and kiss me.

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