August CSFF Blog Tour Day 2: Residential Aliens

 Why I hang out with Lyn Perry

After my comments yesterday, you might be wondering why I’m involved with Lyn Perry’s little enterprise at ResAliens Press. Why do I send him stories? Why do I read slush for his magazines? Why do I exchange puns with him on Facebook?

1. I think we share a common vision for the future of Christian speculative fiction. Something along the lines of “Truth, communicated in original, creative storytelling, with technical excellence.” The future is just that–in the future. We need to move toward leading the marketplace of ideas, not following it. Small, independent publishers have the agility to spot new trends and promising writers, and little to risk in developing them. Lyn’s doing this right now.

2. He has a commitment to quality. Lyn engages with every writer that steps through his editorial doorway. He doesn’t answer many queries with form letters, and he frequently offers the opportunity to rewrite a rejected manuscript that shows promise, providing suggestions to make it better. He pays for every story he publishes–he can’t afford to pay much, but it sends an important signal about his professionalism as a publisher and his belief that a good story has more than just aesthetic value.

3. He has a sense of humor. Writers and publishers can be way serious. Not this guy. He definitely walks on the brighter side of life. He’s also a middle-school teacher, and you don’t survive five minutes of that without a healthy appreciation of the ridiculous. Follow him on Twitter. He’s very funny.

4. Kansans need to stick together. Kansas gets no respect. Ask somebody about Kansas, and you’re likely to get one of the following responses. Go ahead. Ask anyone.

    • “Isn’t that where Dorothy and Toto live?” Usually followed by some crack about “no place like home,” “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto,” “if they only had a brain,” etc.
    • “Powerful flat there, ain’t it?” Why, yes. Yes, it is. We also have beautiful rolling hills, plenty of wildlife, sparkling rivers and lakes, and some lovely fields of wheat and sunflowers in the summertime.  
    • “Dude, I love their music!” Me too, but those aren’t the droids I’m looking for. Thanks for playing.

Tomorrow…I have no idea what I’m going to write about tomorrow. I suppose more compliments and recommendations for Residential Aliens, which, if you haven’t yet visited, you ought to, like our intrepid tour bloggers listed below.

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10 thoughts on “August CSFF Blog Tour Day 2: Residential Aliens

    1. And we’re also the birthplace of such notables as Damon Runyon, Walter Chrysler (yes, *that* Chrysler), Amelia Earhart, and Kirstie Alley.

      I mean, come on people…Kirstie Alley!

  1. Hey, first, thanks for the comments, I’ll pay you later. But more importantly, didn’t you get my text as I was passing through Olathe last weekend? You could have interviewed me then.

    You: What does IDK mean?
    Me: I don’t know.
    You: See, nobody knows!


    1. It’s easy when it’s true. Sorry I missed your text, but I was in Hawaii…returning tomorrow. I’ll bring you back one of those little hula dancers for your dashboard. 🙂

  2. Don’t get me started on the no respect for Kansas rant. I grew up in a small town there and am a proud graduate of the University of Kansas. I can’t count the number of store clerks who have seen a Jayhawk on my credit card and thought it was a funny cartoon character. Argh!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

    1. I didn’t want to get into the college rivalry thing, as I don’t (yet) have a dog in that fight. Still waiting on kid #3 to declare, and I’m a recent immigrant. Lyn, however, is a Shocker fan.

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