August CSFF Blog Tour, Day 1: Residential Aliens

Okay, we usually start these blog tours with a disclaimer asserting a commitment to be completely objective about the item we’re reviewing, despite having received a free review copy or whatever.

This time, I offer no such promise.

My stories have been published in the Residential Aliens webzine and print magazine. There’s one in this month’s issue. They have also appeared in a recent Residential Aliens anthology, While the Morning Stars Sing. I have reviewed books on behalf of Residential Aliens. I am a slush reader for Residential Aliens. I have met publisher Lyndon Perry face-to-face, discussed Christian fiction with him over coffee at Mickey-D’s, am a fellow Kansan, and consider him a friend…nay, a kindred spirit.

Our Fair State

Will I be objective? I think not.

If you want objectivity, visit one…nay, all of the dispassionate observers on this month’s CSFF Blog Tour, conveniently listed below. Otherwise, stand by for more blatant bias and shameless nepotism tomorrow. You have been warned.

Webzine link
Editor’s blog:

Editor Lyn Perry’s personal blog:

CSFF Tour Bloggers:

Noah Arsenault
Brandon Barr
Thomas Clayton Booher
Grace Bridges
Beckie Burnham
Jeff Chapman
CSFF Blog Tour
Carol Bruce Collett
D. G. D. Davidson
Dean Hardy
Katie Hart
Ryan Heart
Bruce Hennigan
Jason Joyner
Carol Keen
Shannon McDermott
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Lyn Perry
Sarah Sawyer
Jessica Thomas
Steve Trower
Phyllis Wheeler

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