What’s Going On, 8/15/2011

Aloha from Oahu! Before I swing into my Hawaii travelogue series, here’s a quick update on the writing front–and there’s been a lot happening:

Attack of the Anthologies – There are three new short-story anthologies that include some of my stories:

Odd Little Miracles is a collection of 22 of my short stories published since 2005.

Aquasynthesis is Splashdown Books’ first anthology of short speculative fiction, and it includes pieces from most of its published authors, including my stories, “One Smile at a Time,” and “The Kissing Part.” In a welcome development, it caught fire on the Amazon rankings this past week, rising to #1 in Fantasy Anthologies and Science Fiction Anthologies, #2 in “Hot Releases” and #8 on the Bestseller list.

While the Morning Stars Sing is an anthology of “spiritually-infused” fiction from Residential Aliens online magazine, and includes my short story, “Mound of Mud.”

In Short – My superhero romance, “Promises,” appears in the Summer/Fall 2011 issue of Big Pulp, and “Beatitude,” a tale inspired by Karina Fabian’s “Rescue Sisters” universe, debuted in Residential Aliens online magazine.

Novel-ty – Final revisions on my upcoming novel, The Seer, a sequel to my debut novel, The Muse, are nearly complete, and we’re on-track to an October 1 release. Get ready for more adventure in the world of dreams and imagination, as Stan and Hannah wrestle with a heartbreaking tragedy and discover that the greatest threat to their future lurks in their past.

Column-ny – I’m still a weekly contributor at Speculative Faith, an online forum where imagination and Christianity intersect. Catch up on my offbeat commentary and vignettes at http://www.speculativefaith.com/tag/fred-warren/

Lost Colonies – Splashdown Books’ groundbreaking microfiction venture, Avenir Eclectia, continues to expand and prosper. I contribute an episode about once a month or so. Read ’em all at http://www.avenireclectia.com/search/label/fred%20warren

Next time: Journey to Mount Doom Diamond Head!


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